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Artist statement

“There is no conscious decision-making while I create, it all flows naturally. As a result, the way I feel while I'm creating something is portrayed in the work. My painting process is very intuitive. I use layers of different kinds of mediums to create texture and depth. Without choosing my colours beforehand the image starts to come to life. 


I am drawn to women as a subject of my work. I admire the way the female body can flow and impress. The interest in female bodies and shapes has always been there though it was only recently that I discovered why:


Growing up in a world where we get constant messages from businesses that profit from us hating our bodies, it’s no wonder I have often not felt good in my own skin. Our society teaches young girls and boys that beauty can be used as a weapon and that you get further in life if you are 'pretty'. To this day my self image remains a constant struggle. My painting practice serves a a form of therapy because when I create I get to set my own rules.”


Manon Raman was born in ’96 in Wetteren, Belgium. She spent part of her teenage years in The Netherlands but moved back to her home country where she studied at the Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound. Before she painted on canvasses she worked on faces as a make up artist for series and movies.


She is a self-taught artist who started painting at age 22. Her early work is colourful, bold and revolves around women and the naked body.


Her art became less evocative when she moved to Niger, West-Africa at age 23 where she started painting full time. With her African inspired art she has had multiple successful solo shows, part of which also contributed to a charity or cause to help the local population. 


Manon now lives in New York where she is working from her home studio with her dog as trusty studio assistant, exploring new subjects and experimenting with new media. 

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Recent expositions:

October 2022: The Other Art Fair - Dallas, U.S. (art fair)

October 2022: Greenpoint Art Circle - New York, U.S. (group show)

September 2022: Thames Art Center - New York, U.S. (solo show)

August 2022: Hof van Ryhove - Ghent, Belgium (solo show)

July 2022: All street Gallery - New York, U;S. (solo show)

May 2022: Hidden by Soul - New York, U.S. (group show)

April 2022: Brooklyn Art Cave - New York, U.S. (group show)

March 2022: R.W. Norton Art Gallery - Louisiana, U.S. (group show)

March 2022: Brooklyn art cave - New York, U.S. (group show)

March 2022: Greenpoint Art Circle - New York, U.S. (group show)

February 2022: Brooklyn Music Kitchen - New York, U.S. (solo show)

November 2021: Brooklyn art cave - New York, U.S. (group show)

November 2021: Dordor gallery - New York, U.S. (group show)

October 2021: Spooky art fair , Haus Of Art - New York, U.S. (art fair)

August 2021: ’Adieu Niger’ - Ghent, Belgium (solo show)

May 2021: ‘Les animaux du Niger’ - Niamey, Niger (solo charity show)

March 2021: ‘Women’s day ’21 - Niamey Niger (solo show)

September 2020: ‘Haroubanda charity event’ - Niamey, Niger (group charity show) - curated by Manon Raman

July 2020 - Vizit women - Ghent, Belgium (solo show)

March 2020 - ‘Women in color’ - Niamey, Niger (solo show)



March 2022 - Stay Home Gallery - Tennessee, U.S.

April 2022 - Chilly Cabin - Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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